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Here are a few reviews from our satisfied customers:

Perfect for training and competition.

This has become my go to ammo and vendor. I compete in 3gun/multi gun and LOVE AMMO VALLEY!! The pricing is excellent shipping speed fast and the quality of ammunition is on par with major name brands. I send a lot of lead down range through both production and custom guns. I partly want to be selfish and not put out the word, but really want everyone to have an opportunity to benefit from their products and service! Great find! - James H. from Las Vegas, NV

Awesome Reloads

Bought a bag of 500 a few weeks ago and just got to shoot some of them. And.....WOW. I used these rounds to sight in a new Vortex red dot at 100 yrds and was dead on every shot. I know where I am coming to get more ammo. Good Job Ammo Valley! - Brian W. from Charlotte, NC

Great Range Ammo.

This is very good ammo for practicing. Accurate and reliable. Due to 200gr bullet recoil is slightly less. Good for new shooters. Highly recommend. - John from Van Nuys, CA

Excellent Quality.
You'd never know these are reman rounds. I have yet to see anything reflecting a lower quality than a new round. The wild hogs I take down with them don't seem to know the difference. At least they haven't said so. I'm going through them pretty quickly and will be placing another order very soon. - KW from Frisco, TX

Accurate and clean.
Very inexpensive ammo that fired both clean and accurately from my AR. - Stephen J. from Fayetteville, NC

Great Ammo!
Great round, meets and exceeds milspec, for those with extractor or "light strikes" need to check their equipment, we have ran thousands of rounds through seven different platforms without issue, here you get more than you pay for. - Joshua from Topeka, KS

Ammo Valley Great Value.
Started buying the Ammo Valley stuff a few months ago. Bought this one for a new Springfield 1911, and shot maybe 150 rounds without a single failure of any kind. Rapid drop targets and slow target shooting gave no hint of stray rounds, giving me the confidence that this was not crappy ammo that went all over down-range. - Tony M. from Temecula, CA

Excellent Bang for your buck!
500 rounds out of a Zev Glock 19 with a 2 lbs striker spring, 2 light primer strikes was my only problem. Off hand at 25 yards was averaging about 3.5" 5 shot groups, with an outlier every 25 rounds or so, but staying within 6". I'm attributing that to poor technique. All in all, it is what it is; good plinker ammo. Will buy more. - Lefty from Albuquerque, NM

Great ammo, great price!
This 10mm ammo will not disappoint you! First, I fired all my test subjects from a Colt Delta Elite. The first 4 magazines I fired were rapid fire mag dumps to check for reliability...no stoppages. Some failure drills, double taps, and precise singles...again zero malfunctions. Next, I fired four groups for accuracy. All four were fired at 7 yards, all four were sub three inch groups! My best group was just under 2 1/2 inches! Also, for full disclosure I did have one FTF during my second string for accuracy, but in all honesty my wrist was starting to feel it by then, so I'm 99% sure I limp wristed it. I didn't have access to a chrony so I have no idea what the numbers are. My estimate would be between 1100-1150 fps. They're an accurate, stout, but not unbearable practice load for 10mm in 180gr. I'll be buying more of this ammo. Thanks for great ammunition, and fair prices! - Trent B. from Great Falls, MT

No Problems at all.
I haven't shot all of it, but I ordered 500 rounds, and shot 200 of them. Very clean ammo, and worth every penny. No malfunctions. - Christopher W.

Accurate and Inexpensive.
Ordered these and actually received 251 rounds! The brass isn't pretty and shiny, but they hit where you aim at the lowest cost I could find on the web. Great for target practice or training on a budget. Ammo Valley has become my primary source of training ammo for all my handguns. - Saint Petersburg, FL

300 Rounds In.
I've fired 300 rounds so far with only one light strike. I checked the round, it had a hit on the primer. I reloaded the round in the magazine and it fired successfully. Groupings are good. Brass is clean. Little smoke. Unlike what it pictures on the website, the ammo is not loose. It comes packaged in five 100-round plastic bags inside the ammo box. Great ammo for the range at a great price. - Tim G.

Buy "clearance" you won't regret it.
I expected a lot more blemishes on this ammo due to it being marked "clearance". That was not the case. Very clean brass, no chips, or major dings. Seriously, I found 2 shells in my box of 500 that I would call minor dings. Shoots clean, no issues with feeding or firing. Came loose packed in a nice plastic ammo can. Beats a cardboard box any day. Ammo Valley has my support 110%. - Santa Fe, NM

LOW Price HIGH Value.
Purchased 500 rounds of 9mm 115 gr RN to test for quality since this was my first purchase from this vendor. A trip to the range with a SA Compact Range Commander and a Glock 43. We went through 350 rounds between us. The Glock had 3 FTE (may have been operator error). Other than that there were no other failures. This was a less than 1% failure rate. I have had more failures from other manufacturers in a box of 50. Sufficiently consistent/tight groups. Cleanup afterwards I noticed that there wasn't a lot of dirt that I would find using other ammo. I more than expect that the quality of all their ammo to be as good. - Riverside, CT

Great Ammo!
Through 500 of 1000 rounds so far and no failures of any sort. Ammo is clean shooting, not smokey and more accurate than I could ask for at this price point. I will be purchasing more. - Joe S.

Great Value.
Flawless function at the range and you just can't beat the price. Ammo Valley has quickly become my "go to" source for inexpensive, quality range ammo. - Saint Petersburg, FL

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